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Mark Brunell? Seriously?

Hat tip to the AJC:

One scenario would be to work a trade with Washington for Mark Brunell, who's set to backup Jason Campbell. Brunell worked with Petrino in Jacksonville and with quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave in Washington.

Another scenario would involve the Falcons going after former Denver starter Jake Plummer, who said he has retired but hasn't filed his paperwork with the league.

Jake Plummer could still be an effective backup in this league, and maybe a more effective starter than Joey Harrington. I wouldn't mind overmuch if the Falcons kicked the tires on him, but I'm guessing he's probably serious about being retired. But Mark Brunell? Yeah, he used to be pretty terrific, but it's been a long time since he's been anything other than average. I would like to see the coaching staff tell me that Mark Brunell is currently a better QB than D.J. Shockley with a straight face. His arm isn't up to what promises to be a pretty wide-open offense, and he's 37. I can't help but think that even Chris Redman would be a better option than Brunell; at least he's got the same noodle arm, but he's much, much younger. I hope this rumor is just fluff, because otherwise I'm going to question why the team couldn't get their hands on a backup QB with a little more gas in the tank.

I'm still advocating that the team either let Shock have the backup job or take a hard look at the Jaguars depth chart. Culpepper is off the market and may not have been a great option anyways, but there's no excuse for the Falcons not to be aiming higher than Mark Brunell. Unless they're really serious about getting Brohm next year, that is.