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Doug Datish Out Like A Fat Kid In Dodgeball

Poor Doug Datish. He plays his heart out and gets bumped down the depth chart by P.J. Alexander, who is making the switch to center this year so he'll actually be valuable to this team in some capacity. Then as the cherry on the rich chocolate sundae of injustice, Datish breaks his hand and is out indefinitely. There's now almost no chance that he'll be anything more than a third-stringer at any position on the line, which is unfortunate. Then again, if he's a third-stringer everywhere on the line, that wouldn't be so bad. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.

Also, I thought I should note that Darrell Shropshire is still rumbling a little gingerly, which could give someone else room to overtake him. Right now he's listed as second on the team's depth chart behind Grady Jackson, but with rookie Trey Lewis and highly regarded space-filler Tommy Jackson behind him, I kinda doubt Shropshire will be holding his perch too much longer. He has good size, but he's never made much of an impression on me and I suspect the team might prefer to go with one of the even larger, even younger guys. But we'll see.