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Terance Mathis Wants Rich McKay's Job

Amusing little column here by Terence Moore about Terance Mathis. Apparently, Mathis' dream job is to be the Atlanta Falcons general manager. I don't know a single person who didn't like Mathis as a player, and I have to admit I was pretty delighted to see him expressing so much interest in coming back to the team. Even if the Falcons were going to hire him as the special assistant to the Gatorade guy, I'd be pretty delighted to have the dude back in the fold.

It's probably not going to happen as the GM of the Falcons for him in the near future, though, and it may not ever happen. Blank's going to prefer proven personnel guys like McKay, who has done a nice job putting together the current roster. To his eternal credit, Mathis knows he's going to have to put in the drudge work somewhere else to get close to the position of his dreams. The fact that he's a former (and very good) Falcon and that he's so damn set on getting this job makes me want to root for I will.

Mathis for GM in 2012!