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Kumbaya: Friday Camp Hits

Craig Custance's Blog that kick is proving to be a pretty invaluable resource for little reports from training camp, so I'd recommend you hop on over to the AJC and check it out. Let's hit 'em fast:

1. Shockley and Redman seem to be working the second and third team completely arbitrarily, so it's tough to get a read on this. Every time I read about Shockley, it sounds like he's impressing everyone in camp. Redman, on the other hand, seems to either playing very well or missing his receivers by many moons. That might explain why Chris Redman didn't even get onto the field this afternoon, but practices like these are hard to get a read on. I still expect Shockley to take the backup job, but it's clear Redman's going to get more of a chance than I expected.

2. Kinoshita got smushed by someone much larger than him, which could describe almost anyone. Custance points out something that I hadn't even considered, too. Kinoshita seems like he's a little too small to effectively block, so he's either going to have to add some bulk or take lessons from Randy Moss (oh snap!). I hope he doesn't die.

3. Coleman's out there running around, which is excellent news for anyone who likes having effective defensive tackles. The fact that both Demo and Coleman are up and going is extremely encouraging, especially because I wasn't positive either would play for the first week. The Falcons need to put an effective defense out on the field, and having two of our better players out there couldn't hurt.

4. Lastly, Pet Rhino is once again proving to be completely inhuman. It's pretty goddamn hot out there no matter where you are today, but Petrino waves it off with the suggestion that the team needs more hot practices. This furthers my theory that Petrino is some sort of futuristic machine, immune to the ravages of time and life. That's pretty freakin' sweet.

I'll be sure to pick up anything interesting, but in the meanwhile, what planet do you all think Petrino is from? I'm going to go with Venus, because it explains his love of hot weather.