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The Falcoholic Fantasy Football Draft

Well, it's over. Some of you will be disappointed with my roster's lack of homerism, but I promise I tried to get more. You can blame that rat bastard Jerry over at Buc 'Em for stealing both Alge Crumpler and Warrick Dunn. Curse his red and pewter heart!

But here's the roster. Feel free to leave suggestions or what-the-hell-were-you-thinkings in the comments.

QB Marc Bulger
QB Matt Leinart
RB Larry Johnson
RB Brandon Jacobs
RB Tony Hunt
RB Kevin Jones
WR Braylon Edwards
WR D.J. Hackett
WR Javon Walker
WR Darrell Jackson
WR Joe Horn
WR Dwayne Bowe
TE Vernon Davis
K Nate Kaeding
K Josh Scobee
DST Jaguars