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Jordan and Huff, Leaving Together

Incredibly, the team managed to cut both Orlando Huff and Leander Jordan without picking up some undrafted free agent out of UTEP to fill his place. While I think Jordan and Huff would have been useful for depth purposes, the team clearly is more confident in other pieces. I have to think this greatly improves Tony Taylor's chances of making the team, which will make for about a hundred cottony soft fluff pieces on the brainy local linebacker making good. What the hell, if he makes it, he deserves his minute in the spotlight.

More significantly, this marks a turning point in the preseason. The bolded text makes it seem like it's important. It is nearing the end of August, but seeing the Falcons make some cuts without bothernig to fill up roster space means they're on the verge of actually trimming their roster down. This is the rough equivalent of Napoleon's army chucking a bunch of bodies off the castle parapets and not bothering to wheel a fresh load of dead guys through the front gate. Because in this metaphor dead guys don't equal success, you can be sure this is a good thing. I'm sure we'll be seeing some cuts of guys we've grown semi-attached to within the next few days, but it's gotta be done. Seeing the roster in its finished form will give me a warmer and fuzzier feeling than all those Tony Taylor features combined.