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Rookie Class Has...Class

Not too many people have been bigger proponents of this rookie class than me. During the actual draft, I questioned why on earth the team was filling so many positions that I didn't really think were needs. So far it's borne out in the team's favor, though, because nearly everyone they've drafted looks to have a good chance to make the team, Datish and his injury notwithstanding. That's why it's good to read this article on the official site examining the rookie class.  Not only are the rookies playing well, but they know it:

"It's been a really good draft class," (Trey) Lewis said. "We've gotten kind of close. We're over in the other locker room so we kind of bond a little bit. I don't think there's any competition as far as making plays and stuff like that but everyone is really fighting to make this team or prove their worth in making this team. All of us are doing a good job at our specific positions making an impact."

Well said. It really has been a good draft class so far, and I'd be pretty surprised if the team didn't decide to hold on to all the drafted rookies into the season. The weakest players immediately after the draft would seem to have been Daren Stone, Lewis and Snelling, and all three have had some impressive moments so far. It's not fair to pile the expectation plate too high before they even play a regular season game,  but it certainly gives me a great deal of hope to see the young guys getting a shot.