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You Can't Keep A Good Demorrio Down

Demorrio Williams has always been a fun player to watch. Yes, he sometimes bounced bodily off of much bigger offensive linemen, and maybe he occasionally overpursued his target and was left to watch the jersey number fade into the background. But hell, he's fast, he piles up tackles, and he wants to be out there as intensely as any player I've ever seen.

So damn a pectoral muscle, here comes Demorrio.

As discussed here on numerous occasions, our linebacking corps is probably the strongest part of this team. Brooking, Boley and D-Mo are all above average starters and Beck, Nicholas, Huff and maybe Tony Taylor all provide quality depth. Barring injury, I really truly honestly believe this could be one of the best linebacking corps in the league. So it's pretty thrilling to see that like the Terminator, mere injuries cannot damage D-Mo.

In the same article, we find out that Dunn and Crumpler are close to returning too. Forney, Rossum, and L-Rob are all a little banged up, but it's encouraging to think that this team could be up to full strength soon. No matter what your expectations for this year, you can't help but feel better when the Falcons can put what is definitely their best team out there.