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Vick Roundup

Now that I've heavily medicated myself, I feel slightly better about the whole Vick situation. Only slightly, though. So rather than try to make sense of it, I thought I'd cull some good takes on Vick from around the interwebs, toot my horn, and generally do what noble people like to call a lazy link dump. So without further ado:

  1. T. Love has been one of Vick's most ardent defenders as of late, which is why it's sad to read his letter from The Falcon Reporter to Vick. Many of us are feeling betrayed or angry right now, and I think T. Love captures that mood very well.
  2. I like this angry rant from the AJC's Jeff Schultz, who points out just how much Vick has thrown away. Say what you like about Schultz, but he never minces words and he's not starting here.
  3. Brief but effective semi-eulogy from Deadspin here. Vick is undoubtably toast, but as Will Leitch points out, we'll have to wait until Monday to find out if that's plain or raisin. Because I think his career with the Falcons is over either way, I can't say that part of this whole thing is captivating me.
  4. Last but hopefully not least, John Helyar wrote a fan reaction story over at ESPN, and yours truly is quoted in the piece. Bask in the glory of reading something you've already read somewhere else!

    5. UPDATE: A damn good article from ESPN's Jemele Hill, who tackles a much larger issue than just Vick and the Falcons. I tend to only see Mike Vick's case from a personal and football standpoint, so it's interesting to see an entirely different take, especially one written so eloquently. Check it out.

    6 UPDATE: The team's take on the situation, with some nice quotes coming out of Crumpler (who's known him forever) and Harrington (who will be seizing his job). Read or die!

I'll probably be adding to this list as we go, but for the next few days expect more wholesome, Falconcentric content.