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Kinoshita Learns The Learning Curve

If you're like me, you were sitting at your computer at 12:30 in the morning wondering just how Noriaki Kinoshita was doing. Thankfully, Kaz Nagatsuka of The Japan Times tells us how he's doing. Unfortunately, Kinoshita sounds a bit frustrated with his play so far. I can't say I'm surprised by that, given that it's a pretty big jump to the NFL from NFL Europa. It's even bigger when you played football in Japan before that, which is not exactly known as an international hotbed of pigskin.

If the Falcons could carry six receivers (and given Petrino's elaborate schemes, I won't rule that out), Kinoshita would have a pretty good shot. His main use is obviously going to be as a kick returner, but if the coaching staff sees more receiving talent from Jennings they almost have to go with him. The football fan in me desperately wants to see Kinoshita make the team, but if he's even admitting he's struggling he's probably in trouble. On the other hand, if Joe Horn says he has great speed and good hands...well, that's a more glowing endorsement than Petrino saying he can catch. So let's wish him luck, if for no other reason than that it'd be pretty damn cool to have the first Japanese player on our roster.