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Jason Snelling Will Start At Least One Game

Dunn's already relegated to some ginger running on the practice field, so it's not good news at all that Norwood likely won't play against the Bills. Make your cramps jokes now, gentlemen.

This means we get a real good look at Jason Snelling, who looked good in limited action last week against the Jets. If he's starting this game (which is a no-brainer, to me), then we'll get a real good look at how he does running with and against the first teams. If he performs well here, he's likely got that job locked up with a deadbolt. With Norwood out, guys like Justin Vincent and Arlen Harris are likely to actually get some carries and show off what they can do. I consider Vincent the best shot to compete with Snelling, with Harris following him and guys like Sha-Ron Edwards having a snowball's chance in hell of making the roster. If you only watch the Bills game for one thing, make is the running backs. We definitely need a big guy for goal line situations, and the sooner we know the better.

And as a random note, watch Trey Lewis and David Irons. I think Irons is a little more aware than people give him credit for, and Lewis could be groomed to take over for Grady Jackson down the line. If they make some more big plays, look for their stock to go up in the eyes of the Petrinomotron.