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Falcons Just Signing Anybody They See On The Street

I turn my back for two seconds and the Falcons are gleefully cutting and signing people again. Damn kids just don't respect giving someone a chance to you know, do something. Today's victim is Lang Campbell, cut in favor of Casey Bramlet and Otis Amey.

Bramlet's a big guy with a decent arm, and he would have a decent chance to stick as a third QB if I didn't believe Shock and Redman were more or less competing for that. As it is, he seems to be just another camp body. I can't tell you how exciting it is to see the coaching staff turn to yet another new QB just to give the fourth-stringers someone to practice with. Hooray!   If by some miracle Bramlet sticks around for the season, this could be a nice depth move, but I doubt this team carries four quarterbacks. Even if they need it.

Amey's interesting because he's got some kick return skills, which might indicate that the team's a little unsatisfied with Kinoshita. He's definitely lightning fast, but his receiving skills are probably even lesser than Kinoshita's and he probably has no chance to stick unless he's awesome on special teams. Even then, it's looking more and more likely that the time will just go with Adam Jennings, since he looks like he can catch and return with a little bit of skill.

It makes sense to give your team a lot of different looks in a time like this, but I'm still a little puzzled at all the signings and releases considering that it's not quite the middle of August yet. I just have to hope one of these guys plays well enough to stick.