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Vick Not Named In Dogfighting Documents

Kudos to my man Hamburger for the heads up on this story. ESPN is reporting that Vick is not named in documents about the alledged dogfighting ring around the house he owns. The world of law frightens and confuses me, but I do believe that that's a good thing for our wayward QB. Can someone with a little more law knowledge tell us what exactly this means for Vick from a legal standpoint?

Update [2007-7-7 16:41:4 by Dave the Falconer]: After talking to a couple of friends who don't hiss and melt at the mention of law like a vampire in sunshine, my conclusion is that this is a fairly significant thing. I've been cautioned to avoid thinking Vick is home free, but this is an encouraging sign toward clearing his name. Let's hope he revamps his image in the meantime.