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For Those Who Dislike Blank, Read This

My batterymate Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit is furious, and with good reason. I hear from a fair number of Falcons fans who complain that Blank has coddled Vick, that he cares more about money than winning, and he owns Home Depot. I've echoed some of those complaints myself, and on more than one occasion. After reading this post, I'm probably not going to feel like trashing on Blank for quite a while. While Blank is a businessman who favored one player over all others, William Clay Ford is just a total moron. To wit:

When asked if Millen was in jeopardy of losing his job last season, Ford said: "No, because I could see right off that they were compatible and, to me, that was very, very important. I know Matt's philosophy and as the year went on, I got to know Rod much better and I could see where they'd mesh and you don't want to break up a combination like that. I know the papers and everybody dwelled on the number of losses but I didn't really pay any attention to that. I thought we were on the right track and I thought they were good together. Yeah, OK, the past is the past but we're on a different course now.''

For God's sake, the Lions have been so awful that they've made every other team--even the freaking Cardinals--look competently run. Matt Millen is the Isiah Thomas of the NFL, constantly making big splashy moves that destroy team chemistry and spike the talent level like a deflated volleyball. Given all that, it's a re-goddamn-diculous miracle that his owner hasn't fired him. But what Sean's found is that not only is he not going to be fired--he's basically being congratulated because the owner "knows the papers"  but pays no attention to losses. Holy crap. Was he born during the War of 1812? Is he too dumb to realize that Detroit fans have suffered season after terrible season since Barry Sanders left? He believes the team is on a different course? I'm legitimately stunned by that paragraph. I may have to journey to Tibet in order to seek the enlightment necessary to cleanse my soul.

I wanted to link to this not only because Sean and  Detroit fans in general deserve our sympathy, but also because in this offseason of general gloom, it's nice to know our owner is far from the biggest idiot in the league.