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Mark Bradley, Your Wrong, Its Gonna Bee A Descent Seeson

The title of this post is in reference to a joke at the beginning of Bradley's newest prediction over at the AJC. As an English major, that same stuff used to drive me nuts before I realized most of the people I was hating on for not being able to spell could do useful things like calculate quantum physics and beat the crap out of me. So stare at this title and cringe, Bradley!

All wacky spelling hijinks aside, I think Bradley traditionally does a pretty good job. I'm just puzzled as to why the subtraction of Vick makes him go from 9-7 to 5-11 so quickly. Obviously he's considering the myriad off the field distractions, but I think that stuff is overrated when you step on the field. I don't think Norwood's going to suddenly stop running and be like "the arrest of Jimmy Williams has effected me so profoundly that I can no longer move my legs." These are football players who know their jobs and know how to handle distraction. If Pet Rhino really "coaches his ballcap off" as Bradley says, there should be no reason why this team can't do better than 5-11. Maybe I'm just being an unbridled optimist, but the loss of Vick is only shaving one win off of my original prediction. I think this team can probably go 8-8 sheerly on its talent and coaching staff, even if Joey Harrington costs them a few games. Short of a rash of injuries (always possible, I know), I don't see this team losing more than nine games.

What about you guys? What are you're opinions?