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The Latest Vick News Roundup: I'm Sick Of It Already

We're going to do this roundup style, because there's a lot of ground I'd like to cover while not overloading you all with five different posts on Vick. Frankly, my patience has already run thin from reading dozens of articles of the "what a scumbag" variety, along with the resulting "Vick would never!" type articles. Can we please let the legal process play out? Please?

#1 The story I want to lead off with is one that will certainly be controversial in the days to follow. The AJC has a report that Vick will be allowed to play and that the NFL will wait to take action until a conviction is returned. That still seems about as likely as me sprouting wings on my ass, but they've got much better sources than me. Commandant Goodell hasn't been at all gunshy about suspending guys without convictions, so he's opening himself up to a lot of accusations with this one. I can't imagine he wants to be seen as sparing stars or cherry picking his suspensions, so the jury's still out on this. If we get to training camp without a suspension being handed down, I don't think there will be one coming. In the same article, there's a mention of local charges against Vick to go alongisde the federal indictment. Given the pace currently established by the prosecution there, I expect to see that happen by 2098 by the latest.

#2 Scott from Battle Red Blog has been hearing rumors that suggest the Falcons would like a mulligan on the Matt Schaub deal. He's hearing that the Falcons would be willing to part with two first round picks to get Schaub back. Sounds like a great idea to me.

Ha! I'm just kidding. That's a fucking terrible idea.

Schaub could be great, blah blah blah, but if the team really thinks the QB situation is going to be that dire they should sign a free agent, make a smarter trade, or draft a quarterback next year. Under no circumstances should they turn around and give back more than they got for the Texans in order to get an unproven QB who might turn out to be the second coming of Joey Harrington. No f'n way. I have to believe that Blank and McKay are smarter than that, or I'm going to lose my will to live.

#3 Jesus Christ, Furman Bisher's at it again. It's not the spirit of his "letter" to Blank that I disagree with so much as the self-indulgent way he brings up that older column he wrote. It's easy to look back with a possible suspension looming and say "boy, they traded the wrong guy." I like to think in a more practical fashion. You see, any time you have a chance to trade a backup QB and get back draft picks that net you a starting defensive end, a starting cornerback and a starting guard...well, am I the only one who doesn't think that's bad at all? Schaub hadn't shown the Falcons that he was the second coming of Montana, or they never would've traded him in the first place. It's also not like the Falcons knew Vick was going to be indicted by the feds when they pulled the trigger on that. And as for his assertion that he got 50 letters, 49 of them skewed against Vick...I don't doubt that for a moment. There are a lot of Falcons fans who are fed up with Vick, and that number is growing all the time. But 50 letters is still hardly is a complete polling of the fanbase. Then there's this:

Now when you need Schaub most, he's in Texas, not that any guarantee came with him. But at least he was not a Falcons player you had to be ashamed of.

Hindsight's 20/20, Bisher. It's kinda depressing to see how many columnists are more concerned with being either right or pious than analytical or understanding.

#4 Finally, I'd like to wrap up with what I think is an interesting post over at Hogs Haven. Skin Patrol takes great issue with another dumb column that contends Clinton Portis's defense of Vick and dogfighting was almost as bad as dogfighting itself. This is, of course, a patently absurd statement. Giving an opinion like that may make you a total dumbass, but it doesn't give a journalist who needs a new idea the right to compare you to the heinous crime you gave an opinion on. That is, as Skin Patrol notes, irresponsible journalism. I expect we'll see a lot more of that before this case is resolved.

So with all that to digest, I'm interested in your opinions. Based on the indictment at The Smoking Gun, is Vick in serious trouble? What should the team do?