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Falcons Sign Three Draft Picks

Look, over there! Away from Michael Vick! We've signed draft picks! Aren't they shiiiiinnnnyyy?

In what can only be called fortuitous timing, the Falcons signed Laurent Robinson, Martrez Milner, and Doug Datish. Robinson has a chance to contribute this year, Milner could contribute if Alge Crumpler is hurt (please, please don't do that to me), and Datish should be an extremely versatile backup along the offensive line.

I may be getting way ahead of myself, but I think it's fair to assume that Robinson will be the 3rd or 4th receiver by the end of the year. If Roddy White is completely craptacular, Pet Rhino is not attached enough to consider trotting him out there week after week, which could be good news for Robinson.

Milner should be the No. 3 tight end until he gets acclimated to the offense. He's not yet a terrific blocker, so he'll be the last one out there for a blocking situation. There's no doubt he has the potential to catch a few passes, so I'd fully expect him to be on the field in relief of Crumpler if the team is looking pass. He's definitely a project, though, so I wouldn't expect great things from him anytime soon.

Datish probably slots in most naturally at either guard or center, but the fact that he's versatile plays in his favor. There's a very small chance that he'll manage to start this year, but I have confidence he'll handle himself well in limited exposure.

I think all three will prove to be solid players, but I'm not thinking superstar potential for any of them. The closest bet might be Milner, who could be a stud if he manages to refine his game. Any way you slice it, let's welcome three new draft picks and a welcome distraction.