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Which Falcons Player Will Have The Highest Madden Player Rating?

It's informal betting time here at The Falcoholic. I'm sure most of you are just as thrilled for the new edition of Madden as me, though probably not all of you wait two years in between editions like I do (Madden 2006 is getting a little stale, honestly.) Pretty soon we'll have a chance to look at the player ratings for the new game and ponder just what Grady Jackson did to the producers of the game to get a -13 rating in speed.

So in that spirit, I'd like everyone to give me your opinion on who the best and worst Falcons' player will be. I want names and predicted overall ratings as closely as you can get. Whoever wins or is the closest gets a front page post on a topic of your choice; the only caveat is that I get to look/edit it if you're just writing a string of cuss words. Post your predictions in the comment thread.

Mine: Best: Alge Crumpler, 96
Worst Jason Snelling, 64