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Garcia Leads Buc QB Race

No, it's not the Boston Marathon or anything like that, but Jeff Garcia apparently is leading all other contenders for the Bucs' starting QB job. This is relevant for us because the team will be going for the quarterback who is older, has less hair, and is a proven winner. The alternative, of course, was Chris Simms, who is younger, has more hair and hasn't proven he can win a game of tee-ball, never mind carry a team to the playoffs. The good news is that neither of these guys scare me all that much, and I do believe if Cadillac can't get rollin' the Falcons have little to fear from the Bucs. Unfortunately, we still have a ton to fear from the Panthers and Saints.

For much better analysis on this, head over to Buc 'Em for JScott's take on the confusing quarterback competition in Tampa.