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How Do Falcons Match Up Against Panthers?

According to Aaron at FalcFans, the two teams match up pretty well.  The Panthers are perhaps the biggest wildcard in the division again this year, with Aaron projecting a lot of ifs, maybes and buts. I can't say I disagree with him, but even with the subtractions (not including Weinke, which is like subtracting from -10 and coming up with 0) they remain one of the most talented teams in the division. The Saints have arguably the more talented offense, the Bucs have a better overall D and the Falcons (hopefully) have a pretty nice balance of the two, but the Panthers are always an oddly unpredictable team.

With apologies to Cat Scratch Reader, I really hope we see the crappy Panthers this year. I mean, if they want to beat up on the Bucs and Saints and lose the rest of their games, that would be perfect. Until Jaxon comes over here and gives us an idea of the Panthers next year, be sure to give Aaron's writeup a read, because I think he more or less nailed it.