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Where Does Snelling Fit?

The Official Site has an interview with Jason Snelling. I kind of picture Pet Rhino clucking his tongue and saying "Jason Snelling, what are we going to do?" At least, I like to hope he's doing that.

I certainly have no goddamn clue where he's going to end up.

Snelling's got intriguing size and power and could conceivably be that power back this team has needed since, oh, last season. But he doesn't have great speed by any stretch of the imagination and many scouts projected him under the dreaded heading of tweener. Long story short, I'm not sure anyone knows what his role with the team will be next year. He might be best as a backup fullback, special teams blocker and third running back. Clearly he knows what it's going to take for him to make the team, though:

Q: A lot of players increase their chances of making the roster by playing on special teams. How have you picked up on playing that in the NFL?

Snelling: I am playing all of the phases of special teams. Special teams is where you can earn a spot on the team. The coaches have told me to get into that special teams playbook, know what you have to do like the back of your hand and that is what I am trying to do.

Personally, I hope he makes the team. The Falcons haven't shown any inclination to bring in a power back aside from Justin Vincent, and I expect he probably won't make the team short of the practice squad. That leaves our favorite epileptic tweener, and I'm all in favor of him making it. Otherwise the team might as well go ahead and put those tank treads on Warrick Dunn.