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Fred Gibson Makes An Impression

The more I hear Petrino raving about Laurent Robinson and Fred Gibson, the more I wonder whether Roddy White's roster spot is even safe any more. The Falcons may want to carry six receivers for the sake of depth, but so far the recently drafted rookie (Robinson) and the young nomad (Gibson) have apparently overshadowed Sir-Drops-A-Lot. The AJC article doesn't have any moments that made me think Gibson was a lock, but I do know Jenkins and Horn are penciled in as the starters.

That leaves four receivers fighting for two positions, as far as the team has indicated. Both Jennings and White are guys left over from the old regime, and White especially hasn't produced thus far at this level. If the team can get something of value for him, I'm all in favor of them swinging a trade. I think it's more likely that White's simply going to be stuck in no man's land as a fourth or fifth receiver next year, which doesn't do him--or us--any good.