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Jamaal Anderson Puts The Aa In Aawesome

I like good news, despite evidence to the contrary. Hearing that a top draft pick is doing really well in camp fills me with the kind of hope and sunshine that is in unmercilessly short supply for a Falcons fan. So in the spirit of sharing, I give you this mostly glowing AJC story:

"In the passing game he does a nice job," Zimmer said. "He's got a good countermove and nice power off the edge. We just got to keep working with him on some of the run stuff. Typically, left ends don't have much pass rush. Jamaal does. If we can get the run part done, it will be very good for us."

Ah yes, the run part. Given that John Abraham is mostly useful for pass rushing himself, it would be really nice if Anderson could develop into a run-stopping threat. The thought of stacking a line entirely full of guys who fill in the "past job experience" part of their resume with "tackling QBs" strikes the fear of God into me.

It's very encouraging to hear the coaching staff likes Anderson, though. A fast, strong kid who's both younger and cheaper than Patrick Kerney is an immediate upgrade at end. He's going to have plenty of growing pains, but the potential is there for him to make an immediate difference.

And that's just faantaastic.