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Falcons Sign Orlando Huff

The Falcons were so eager to have Stephen Nicholas as insurance for Demorrio Williams that this latest move makes very little sense on its surface. The team signed Orlando Huff, who you may remember from such roles as "Starting 13 Games for the Arizona Cardinals Last Year" and "Being An Outside Linebacker." I've been beating the depth drum for the linebacking corps since last season, so it's good to see the Falcons go out and get a player who's actually got a decent track record in the NFL.

I'm not just willing to believe this is a depth move, though. Guys who started better than three quarters of their team's games at outside linebacker last year aren't simply picked up as a depth move. They're usually picked up to compete for a starting spot. Huff's a little bit of a different case, as he's had little success getting to the QB over his career and just likes to pile himself up some tackles. But it's relevant to ask whether Nicholas has been less than stellar in camp so far, or whether Demorrio's chances of starting the season opener have recently been diminished. I'd hate to think either of those were the case, as clearly both situations would result in the Falcons putting a lesser team on the field.

If I'm just being paranoid, however, then this is really a very good investment that has very little chance of backfiring. Who doesn't like to have former starting linebackers as backups?