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Pet Rhino Gores The Rookies

You can argue that a lot of our veterans could use a little more mini-camp if you'd like, but Bobby Petrino would certainly disagree with you. He set the vets free and will take only 33 rookies into the last three day camp.

This jibes with what we know about Petrino's outlook. He's looking to mold the young guys into his philosophy, and many of those players are going to be the crucial pieces of his tenure. He'll have plenty of time to impress his ideas on the vets, who have much less of a learning curve in the first place. Most of these rookies obviously aren't going to make it all the way to the season, but there's always the chance that one or two of them can impress you enough to keep them around for camp. I'm definitely encouraged by what Petrino's done and said so far for this team, and coming on the heels of Mora's staff, he doesn't have to do much to impress me.