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Please Welcome Canal Street Chronicles!

Up until recently, it was just JScott and I over at Buc 'Em toiling through the offseason for the NFC South. Putting on hip waders and looking for the latest scraps about Mike Vick's escapades and the QB Merry-Go-Round (Chris Simms rides the unicorn, of course) is hardly the way to spend over six months. But then a wondrous thing happened.

First, we got Jaxon over at Cat Scratch Reader, and the Panthers were at last represented. Now, at last, our glorious NFC South empire is complete. Sunil at Canal Street Chronicles brings his Saints' knowledge and excellent writing to SBNation. Be sure to give him a hearty welcome and keep your eye out for some collaborative efforts in the near future. As the first one here, it's great to finally see such a talented roster of writers for the league's most competitive division (usually).

But don't forget to hate on their teams, regardless.