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A Blank Slate

I wanted to touch on Blank and McKay's letter to season ticket holders, here excerpted from the AJC. I think an organization as image concious as the Falcons almost has to answer the fans' concern, but don't think this was done out of the goodness of their hearts. No, this is a move that's made for the good of the bottom line.

I'm of two minds here. I do feel badly for Blank because I honestly believe he'd like this to be a squeaky clean team and keep the business booming, and Michael Vick is his biggest single draw. On the other hand, I almost feel like the Falcons brass has finally gotten what they deserve. Signing Vick to that humungous deal was, in my mind, based a whole hell of a lot more on his marketability than his ability to win games. Now that they're suddenly saddled with a franchise QB who has off-the-field issues and a well of unfufilled potential, Blank & Co. are left holding the short end of the stick. The only way for them to get out of it at this point is to apologize profusely and hope it all blows over, and I'm willing to bet Blank's wishin' upon a star or two lately.

The second half of that rationale is the one that's winning for me, unfortunately. Blank is an excellent businessman, but winning is in itself not a business. More than apologies, I want to see the winning product on the field. If the team has to do it with or without their star player slash business venture, then so be it.