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Falcons Waive Goodbye To Three

The Falcons have begun the gradual process of whittling down the roster, beginning with three fringe players. Wide receiver Derrick Hamilton was pretty much destined to go after Fred Gibson caught fire at practice, and it's hard to muster up the tears for tight end Jon Hamlett, even though he's suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. That most likely stems from the fact that I have almost no idea who the guy is, though.

The only one that surprises me is long snappah Tim Lindsey, who only got a very quick cup of tea. The team was clearly looking for a quality long snapper, but apparently Lindsey wasn't what they were looking for. Unless he was managing to snap the ball 20 yards forward every time, I'm not sure why he didn't survive the first round of cuts.

Unless the team starts cutting water coolers, this marks the most inconsequential roster moves until the end of training camp. I suggest that we all savor it, because the next round of sweeps are probably going to include some of those other undrafted free agents we're all wagering will make the team.