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The Pet Rhino Injury Update

Pet Rhino took some time out of his busy schedule to update the world on Demorrio and Colemanity's injuries. Sounds like Williams will be available for the opener and Coleman will miss the first three weeks, a worrying but not unexpected time frame. It's one thing to lose Williams, whose speed and guile make him a good but not great option at outside linebacker. It's another thing to lose Coleman, who despite some inconsistency last season has been terrific for the Falcons. It's not like our roster is overflowing with replacements who haven't alledgedly beaten dogs to death, so that's the spot that definitely worries me. With Grady Jackson back, however, the pressure should be a little eased. I'm hoping Patterson or Bryant or (hell, why not) even Babineaux develop enough to seize the job and play well. I'm just not holding my breath.