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Grady Jackson Goes To Camp

It looks like Grady Jackson is ready to set aside that lawsuit and come to training camp. He's not actually going to give up on the suit, mind you, but he's sure as hell going to pretend it's not happening. This is obviously good news for those of us worried about tackle depth along the line. We have plenty of reason to be, too, with Rod Coleman nursing his tragic boating accident and everyone else basically being a giant "?".

One interesting tidbit from the article is that the Falcons are apparently preparing the flowers and champagne treatment for David Patterson, an undrafted free agent out of Ohio State. At 6-2 and 285, he's quicker and smaller than most defensive ends, and if the team holds on to him they might very well either bulk him up or slide him out to end. But it can't hurt to get a look at a player with a little more agility than Trey Lewis and Grady Jackson, and the coaching staff obviously sees something in him. We'll have to see how Friday's mini-camp shakes out.