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Eric Beverly A Victim of Martrez Milner Syndrome

Back during the draft itself, I questioned the wisdom of draftin Martrez Milner when we clearly had  four capable tight ends on the roster. That little conundrum has been solved, however, as the Falcons have kicked Eric Beverly to the curb. I half-thought Blakely  might be the victim of this particular move, but Beverly is much older and offers absolutely nothing as a receiver. That being said, his blocking was typically excellent, and I hate to see him go. That leaves us with Crumpler (excellent), Blakely (not great), Fells (getting better?) and Milner (project!). Just because I don't understand this any better even now that Beverly's gone, I'll ask it again...

Why exactly do we need four tight ends on the roster again? I can see having Crumpler and Fells, and Milner was just drafted and has enormous potential. But what does Blakely bring to the table? A little bit of catching skill, a bit more blocking. Seems to me that Blakely should probably be out a job come roster cuts. With Pet Rhino's crush on blockers in full swing, however, it's more likely he keeps his job.