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Falcons Sign Billy Cundiff; Morten Andersen Rides Dinosaur Into The Sunset

You knew there was no way the Falcons would go into next season with a kicker older than the actual team. Instead, the Falcons said "we want another Todd Peterson with a teensy bit more leg strength!" and went out and got Billy Cundiff for a 1-year deal. That leaves Aaron Elling and Cundiff competing for the kicking spot, which is in my opinion one of the most depressing subplots of this entire offseason.

Cundiff has a lifetime 72% success rate and Elling has a 68%, neither of those ranking among the most respectable numbers of all time. According to the insane collection of stats over at Football Outsiders, the Falcons were 27th in the league in weighted special teams, meaning we also got worse as the season went on. That's hardly surprising considering Koenen's struggles and Andersen's senile kicking leg, but I'm wary of Cundiff or Elling being able to do any better. That being said, I do expect Cundiff to win the job outright and go into the season as our kicker.

Hooray, Billy!