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AirTran Drops Vick Without A Parachute

Apparently the haircut didn't do the trick for Vick. The AJC reports that they're dropping him as a pitchman. If you're wondering what would make a cheap airline jump up to do this first, please recall the bottle incident which came as he was about to board an AirTran flight out of Miami. Kindly also recall Vick missing his flight, also an AirTran. If anyone was going to be looking for an excuse to dump Vick from their promotional items, AirTran would seem to be a pretty logical choice.

I love how the spokesman goes on to note that Warrick Dunn and Finneran are still pitching the airline. Dunn's obviously visible and friendly enough to make a difference, but people probably don't want to associate a pair of catastrophic leg injuries with their airline. Just a guess.