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If Only My Mohawk Made The News

It's a slow news time for the AJC, and Steve Wyche combats the stupifying boredom and muted sound of barking by...well, writing a story about Vick's new haircut. He's gone back to his draft day locks, a decision I agree with since I always hated those braids.

But that wouldn't be much of a story on its own. I choose to read more into the fact that Vick once said he wouldn't cut his hair until the Falcons won a Super Bowl. Apparently, his desire to start fixing up that image in a hurry won out. I'm sure he realizes that most people aren't going to suddenly assume he's cleaned up his act by a haircut, but there are probably a discouraging number of people who will. At any rate, it's a symbolic first step for a guy who desperately needs to remake his image. It's pretty easy to rescind on a hair vow for the Super Bowl if it means it's going to help accomplish that.

It certainly worked when I cut off my braids.