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Vick Now Has Something New To Explain

Courtesy of Deadspin, it looks like there's a pretty strong connection between Mike Vick and this whole dog fightin' business. Essentially, a website owned that has strong ties to Vick lists its dog breedin' address at the same house they found all those dogs who were clearly not breeding so much as, oh, I don't know, starving. I'm not sure who owns the site (his cousin is a possibility, I guess), but any way you slice it looks like Vick has some fingerprints on this.

You do have to wonder, if Vick is conclusively found to have had a hand in this, whether the league comes out swinging at him. That leaves us with the very scary idea of Joey Harrington starting. If it's true and Vick's been hosting dog fights on one of his properties...well, he deserves a suspension. I know he's promised to turn his life around, but I don't really believe anything until it's backed up with actions. And one thing Vick hasn't managed to do yet is impress anybody with his actions off the field.