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The Story I'm Tired Of Roundup

We'll start this off with today's Jeff Schultz article at AJC. Schultz doesn't bother screw around, which is what makes this article worth reading. If you were wondering what the tone of pieces would be like if Vick actually was convicted, you've pretty much got it here. I still don't agree with taking speculation and analysis into the "he did it and now he's @*#$&!ed" realm, but Schultz does have a worrying point. After the offseason Vick has had, it would be little wonder if the NFL shuts him down even if the law finds no reason to. Even his ominous comparison of NFL security to the CIA rings true. As outdated and possibly wrong as the notion is, I'm still hoping justice is served.

Sympathy from Buc 'Em?. Why yes! Our division rival's finest asks whether Vick is a good guy and extends his sympathies to the Falcon fanbase. I think I speak for everyone when I say that nothing would make me happier than having the Bucs lose to us twice next year. That would really help to cheer a brother up.

Over at Big Blue View, ETVal tackles the issue with a slightly softer touch than Jeff Schultz. Of course, he could've run Vick over with his car and still have had a softer touch than Schultz, so take it with a grain of salt.

And short of sensational news in this whole sorry affair, that's going to be the end of dogfighting news for the week. Slow news period be damned, there's gotta be something even vaguely more uplifting than this.

Like an interview at the Official Page with the new linebackers coach, for instance.