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Falcons Sign Honest Abe Brown

The Falcons decided their linebacker depth wasn't great or something and signed undeclared free agent Abe Brown. Brown's a versatile linebacker who's perhaps a touch underweight (6-4, 230), and projects to be the kind of jack-of-all trades linebacker teams love to have on special teams. Of course, we already have Marcus Wilkins, but you can never have enough of these guys. There's no guarantee that Abe's going to stick around past the final cuts, but I suspect the fact that he played for Pet Rhino at Louisville means he'll get a harder look than most. This also tells me that the Falcons don't really view Wilkins as the kind of guy who's going to make much of an impact at linebacker and are looking around for help elsewhere. I might be reading too far into that, I guess.

I'm rooting for this guy simply because the name Abe is too rare these days. Imagine the crappy Lincoln jokes! Just imagine.