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Not So Much Out Of the Vick Memorial Woods

Rather than summing the link up in a rambling series of incoherent sentences, I'll let Hamburger get us started:

Based on your opinion of the facts and whether or not you are willing to overlook potentially heinous faults the following may or may not make you happy (I know we're all disgusted by the potential charges against MV, and I know Blackertai has gone on record as refusing to watch if somethign doesn't happen to MV)

Prosecutor lacks solid evidence to charge Vick.

Essentially, prosecutor Poindexter is saying there doesn't appear to be enough evidence to charge Vick. This would seem to run contrary to the fact that he owned the property, his names on documents,  and the giant poster of Vick standing amongst the dogs. Alright...I made that last one up. But still, if at this point Poindexter's waiting solely on eyewitnesses--possibly the most unreliable evidence of all--then he's saying this case probably isn't going to court. There's still plenty of time, but the media scrutiny in this case isn't going to give Poindexter a lot of room for error.

In a selfish sense for me as a fan, this would probably be good news. If Vick has truly learned his lesson, getting him back for this season is a hell of a lot more appealing than having Joey Harrington under center. At the same time, I really hope it's possible for Vick to screw his head on tightly without having to be dragged through court. I balance that out with my human interest to see justice done in this case; but if there's not enough evidence against Vick, then there's no justice to be done.

Man, this case is a total mess.