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Yet More Vick News

I'd like to tell you that this very slow news period's bringing out something bigger than the Vick mess, but I'd be lying. Now it appears his name was on evidence collected from the Virginia property. You can bet that this story will get itself plenty of play in the coming days, and Vick isn't going to say anything that could incriminate or defend him.

I really can't wait for practices to get into full swing, when there'll be position battles to write about. The more news that comes out of this, the more the team is actively overshadowed, and the more Vick's involvement becomes more a question of "how much?" than "was he?" And that's something that looms closer and closer all the time.

On a better note, here's Daren Stone jumping over a car up at UMaine. Sweet.

Update [2007-5-21 19:30:51 by Dave the Falconer]: Hogs Haven has a nice write up on Clinton Portis's sage advice to the media regarding Vick. My take? Clinton Portis should probably shut the hell up.