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Sticking One's Nose Where It Does Not Go

Inevitably in the worlds of sports, something reaches a level at which an attention seeking congressman feels he has to get involved. That's definitely the case with Tom Lantos, D-California, who's basically calling for Vick's head:

"The level of cruelty involved in exploiting animals to the point that 60 malnourished and injured dogs were removed from Mr. Vick's property is mind boggling," Lantos said. "I will view anything less than the strongest repudiation of Mr. Vick's involvement as tacit support for this atrocious activity."

It's good to see that in this country, the "innocent until proven guilty" concept has been replaced with "take the moral high ground regardless of guilt". I get pretty tired of defending Vick around here, but he still hasn't been convicted of any crime. For a congressman from California to seek attention here is absolutely absurd. I'm not denying this right to do so or his conviction that dogfighting is wrong. I'm annoyed that getting one's name out there has increasingly become more popular than due process. If Lantos wants to dig in if Vick is convicted, there's not much umbrage to take. Now, though, it's clearly a typically calculated political move.