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The Sad Saga Continues

The animal control investigator for Chesapeake is now contending that she has witnesses who can place Vick at dog fights. This is just the latest somewhat incriminating bit of evidence floating around out there, but when you put them all together it seems pretty damning. There's still a chance that Vick will get out of this with some fines, but it's looking more and more like he should be worrying about jail more than a suspension.

I'm neither a Vick defender nor a hater; I find it hard to feel much more than apathetic toward him off the playing field. He's run into so much trouble this particular offseason that he's likely to be punished for some of it. After years of running screens for him, the Falcons' brass is now forced to look at him for what he really is. The reality of Michael Vick is that he's an incredibly talented quarterback who hasn't managed to live up to the hype, and off the field he keeps ending up in situations which are detrimental to the team. That's trouble enough without considering his immense contract, which makes it nearly impossible to cut ties with him short of a massive cap hit. That means the team is stuck with him, so it would be in their best interest to support him heartily in public and get his head screwed on right in private.

You know, basically the opposite of what they've been doing. Because if Vick is found guilty of condoning, funding, and attending dogfights, it's not just our quarterback who's in trouble.

Update [2007-5-16 13:23:29 by Dave the Falconer]: And now there might be a video tape. No jumping to conclusions on this one yet, as this is nothing more than a soon to be heavily reported rumor. Does not bode well, though.