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Another News Roundup

All stories courtesy of AJC. Do not use without the express written permission of the NFL, or you will be gutted like a fish.

So the Falcons released five guys, although only one  has a name that's probably vaguely memorable. When the Falcons snapped up Anthony Bryant, I figured he would be signed to provide some second or third string depth for the team at defensive tackle. They must really like David Patterson, though, because Bryant's been kicked to the curb. Given the Falcons' current woes at tackle, it's fair to ask why they'd cut a big dude like that. He must have really be underwhelming at training camp, and so now the Falcons will patch together something. It just darn well better be amazing.

Norwood and Dunn have undefined roles so far, though chances are that Norwood's going to see more playing time this year than last. He's bulked up a bit, has fantastic speed, and is apparently catching very well in camp this year. None of that bodes well for an older, more beat up Warrick Dunn. I still think Norwood's going to be playing second fiddle for a little while; he just might be playing it louder than Dunn himself.

Confronted by the three ring circus that is the Vick dogfighting fiasco, Terence Moore comes out popping balloons and punching clowns in the face. Never known for being jovial, Moore has good reason to be cranky about having to crank out a column on this. He takes on the organization for coddling Vick, a charge that's obviously true to anyone who's watched this team over the last few years. Of course, he doesn't have anything constructive to add, either. It's a reflection of just how bad the Vick situation has gotten that I can't even think of a way to criticize Terence Moore for not having anything nice to say. Unless he avoids a suspension and completes 58% of his passes, I'm not going to have anything constructive, either.