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You Know What Story I'm Sick Of? This One

Blank be all concerned about Vick's transgressions, and he lets the QB have it in terms that are strangely harsher than the ones his new coach used.  Blank clearly knows there's a little thunder coming from Zeus Goodell's office, and he's out in front of it:

"What [Goodell] will do about it, I'm not sure but he's not going to take it lightly," Blank said. "He's got Michael on his radar and I think he made that clear to Michael as well."

You know--heavy emphasis on know--that when Blank's coming out and talking about the situation, Vick's in trouble. There simply has not been a more vigorous defender of Vick than Arthur Blank. The fact that he's concerned speaks volumes about how likely a league sanction is...and how close we are to having Joey Harrington as a starting quarterback.

And by now you've all heard about Vick's mysterious friends, who say he most certainly knew those dogs were being bred to fight each other. The evidence here is stacked pretty heavily against him. I'm less about hoping he beats the charges at this point, and much more about him finally learning his damn lesson from it.

But I guess we'll see.