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Some Happier Mumblings

Steve Wyche at the AJC wonders aloud about some of the implications of the Falcons' upcoming mini-camp...and it's an interesting read, with one of its points already addressed. Let's take it blow-by-blow.

#1: Joe Horn's not a backup. Okay, that was a bit obvious. I've heard a lot of talk about him making White and Jenkins better, but I'm not sure how much stock I'd put in that. It's not like I believe either underachieves: they just can't catch the ball. Is he going to slather glue on their hands? Either way, Joe Horn's the number one guy, no doubt.

#2: The team's not really ready to concede the backup spot to Redman or Shockley. Of course, by signing Harrington the Falcons have already essentially guaranteed that won't happen. This makes the Chris Redman signing almost impossible to understand. What exactly does he bring to the team that Harrington or Shockley don't? Oh, right...a relationship with the coach. Gotta love those connections. But after a little cool down period, I've convinced myself that Harrington isn't the worst thing we could've done. Fiedler's probably worse than him at this point, and it'll let Shockley actually develop. Deep breaths.

#3: The team would really like Fonoti to start, which isn't a surprise at all. The dude is an enormous, flabby tank. Of course, the problem is that that weight has led to a series of injuries that have basically made him a non-factor. Wyche is of the opinion that the Falcons will seek out a guard in the draft, which I'm relieved to hear is a priority. I could see us grabbing one in the second or third round, definitely. But if Fonoti is healthy, he'd be a perfect fit for the team's new policy of a gargantuan O-line.

#4: Will Norwood start? My soon-to-be colleague Jaxon pondered this in a diary (scoot over to that right hand bar), but I don't think this is the year unless Dunn starts the year with a giant ornamental salad fork sticking out of his back. That being said, Norwood's probably going to get his shot at featured back before too long, and it wouldn't hurt them to notch up his carries a little more this year if Dunn starts to falter. Kid's got legendary speed.

#5: Pet Rhino's got a new playbook, and you WILL be assimilated by it. Or assimilate it. Whichever, really.

#6: I saved this for last simply because it's the least happy, in my opinion. With Grady Jackson being sue happy, the team will have to look for a new nose tackle. There's just not way around that. But if they're going to pass up on Landry or Jamaal Anderson for that, I'm going to be unhappy with them and especially pissed off at Jackson himself. I hope they wait and see what they have later in the draft, whether or not Jackson decides to quit his 'suit.