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I, For One, Do Not Welcome Our Joey Harrington Overlord


The Official Site is reporting that the Falcons signed Joey Harrington as a backup to Vick. I'm significantly less upset about this for next year than I am for the year after, but bear with me on that. My brother-in-arms BGNJason had the alert on this, so I would ask you not to shoot the messenger. But it's pretty clear that Joey Harrington is better than D.J. Shockley for now. He's definitely better than Chris Redman. So what's my problem with this deal?

It's the notion of spending $6 million over two years for a guy who isn't all that great. There's virtually no chance he doesn't win the backup job now, making Chris Redman a really head scratching pickup. I know there's a good chance Shockley isn't ready to step in, and I recognize he also may never be ready for that. But the idea that we're letting Joey Harrington--the same Harrington who has now between average and bad for two teams--stand in his way. Some will point out that it's fairly low money over two years, and I'll grant you that. There's nothing to hate about this deal, excepting the fact that we just signed Joey Harrington. But there's absolutely nothing to like about it, either.