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Falcons Fans Venting = Awesome

Our home town fans get a lot of digs, especially Braves fans. But when you read the passion of some of the fans who write in to my site and to others, you should realize how unfair that is. The Falcons have a terrific fanbase that happens to have been shellshocked over the years by a series of crappy teams, inopportune arrests, and general malaise. When I go to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and read the "Falcons Vent" section, I see a fan base angry with losing, angry with players and management, and angry with the paper itself.

And they're all friggin' hilarious.

You should just read all of them yourself, but I wanted to comment on the fact that there are two Calvin Johnson being Vick's receiver is like Richard Simmons doing this jokes, which I think is great. I'm sure CJ revels in being compared to one of the whitest people on the face of the planet. Even better is the dig at the AJC for running a mock draft that had the Falcons picking 10th. I'd like to point out that SBNation knew that, ESPN knew that, and even the Dalai Lama was scrambling to re-arrange his draft shortly after that. Yet the AJC somehow managed to run a draft from an AP football writer who A) got the order wrong and B) clearly pulled his draft list straight out of his ass and C) has LaRon Landry going ten picks after Reggie Nelson because, well, it's a mock draft! It's nice to see someone else noticed that.

So in summary, well done, angry ranting Falcons fans! I'll be reading that space religiously from now on. But I would really like to think that next season, we won't have quite so much to vent over.