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Next Stop: Story Land

Here's something that won't be in the Falcons' press guide: Michael Vick allegedly hosts dog and cockfights at his home. This one comes to me courtesy of Deadspin, and the gods of football blogging who are intent on punishing me for defending Vick the other day.

This doesn't mean that Vick was definitely hosting these intentionally, as he only owns the property. But the connection is pretty strong, and if this were true, you'd have to assume he knew about it. For those of you keeping score at home, this is like the hojillionth time Vick has done something dumb this year. This would be arguably the dumbest of them all, and the animal lover in me is increasingly pissed off and wonders if Babineaux and Vick like to hang out together. This has to be doing wonders for Blank's man-crush on Vick, too, as the urge to have a squeaky-clean reputation for the team keeps running up against his "star" QB's transgressions.

This leaves me wondering what the hell they're going to do if Vick keeps this up and is mediocre on the field next year. My guess is the same thing they've always done: nothing. So let's hope he's not responsible for this one in any way.

And yes, this actually is a story.