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You Down With AJC? Yeah, Too Much Today

So for the third time today I reach into the magic grab bag that is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and draw out a particularly interesting article. I don't know if that speaks more to the quality of the writing today or the fact that it's such an incredibly slow news day, but either way we're all good.

Steve Wyche offers a position-by-position list for our consumption, and it's chock full of the realization that we need a hella lot of players. I don't agree with everything he's saying here, especially regarding the drafting of two defensive ends, but mostly I feel like he's spot on. I'm more convinced than ever after sitting down with this list that the Falcons really can't afford to go throwing draft picks around to move up. We could use a lot of depth at the very least, and it's key we try to shore up as many of the more glaring defensive shortcomings (safety, nose tackle, one defensive end) and the offensive line (where depth is extremely key). The question is, will we be able to do so?