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ESPN Revisits The Most Tired Question in Falcons History

I have nothing in particular against David Mosse, but next time I see him on the street I'm going to challenge him to a duel with pistols. Over at Mosse visits the question every Falcons fan is sick of hearing from outsiders: what if San Diego hadn't traded picks and had picked Vick? Which boils down to, of course, what if the Falcons had Brees and Tomlinson? The easy answer?

"Shit. We should not have taken Vick. Thank you for showing us that our team is run by a bunch of morons! You are so thoughtful."

To which I reply, #!@* that. At the time the Falcons could not have possibly known they were essentially swapping Brees and Tomlinson for Vick, and there's no guarantee it would've shook out that way either. Part of being a sports fan is constantly asking what if. What if Vick was more consistent? What if Eugene Robinson hadn't tried to pick up a hooker? It goes on and on and on. But those are questions that a fanbase has to ask themselves. When the national media insists on looking down on a team's decision and essentially mocking the fanbase, I don't take kindly to it. I know ESPN's just looking for the story and Mosse is just looking for a paycheck. But Vick's career is far from over. Brees is good and Tomlinson is near-legendary, but Vick could sandwich himself in between those two before it's said and done. And if  he doesn't?

Then I guess then we'll have to ask that damned question.