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A Green Saturday

Even though it's a couple of days old, I wanted to point everyone in the direction of the excellent Bomani Jones article at ESPN. The reaction to the "sure, I like-a to smoke-a the cheeb-a" fiasco has been reasonably muted, but Jones doesn't see why it's a big deal in the first place. He rightfully points out that it's not really a character issue, and I agree. It could've been a lot worse...

Question Guy: So, ever killed a hooker?
Draftee: Well, gee, you know, I have. Just last week, as a matter of fact.
Question Guy: Huh.
Draftee: Why, is that a problem?

Anybody who reacts with outrage when they find out that a professional football player smokes weed needs to pop the lid on their bomb shelter a little more often. There's no reason to believe Adams, Johnson, or Okoye are bad people. On the contrary, their honesty speaks to their character in a more impressive way than never having touched any ganja.

Update [2007-4-21 13:3:24 by Dave the Falconer]: Decided not to put a name in that little hooker-killing exchange. I figured Adams probably wouldn't appreciate being floated any "UR AN EIVL MAN" e-mails.